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AW19 Liberty Collection

NU is proud to announce the launch of the exclusive pop-up project with LIBERTY for Autumn19. The exclusive collection emphasis on “The Story of Better” harmonising reality and imagination with a touch of retro. In the new age of sentiment where emotions, self confidence, empathy and technology merge together, simplicity and minimalism of style is where nu finds its attitude, pay-ing heavy attention to volume.

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Collections refer to a new kind of casual clothing, which could serve the same status of formal clothing. Designs are predominantly in black,moderate and arrogant at the same time, which in reality is much more harder to express the complex and considered proportions on non-color.

Having pursued “the black shape” as the core reflection of NU, enforces us to use the colors only to challenge the conservative dimensions and to adopt reflections of innovative fabrics on timeless pieces. Our core mind set of not dressing bodies but souls shapes the brand identity where the buyer’s gender becomes irrelevant.

NU is neither defined by age, but by its visionary taste who simply strive to find something new yet sophisticated uniting elegance with comfort and uniqueness. We deeply believe in the energy we created where these related souls find each other. Our mission is to serve our philosophy as being unpredictable whereas our vision allows us to send trends; never follow". NU has no standpoint other than being what it is and to express it in the best way it knows.

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