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Every artist that feeds upon contemporary art, directs their individual style in an independent way. Being inspired through this free zone, ’’simplicity” means “awareness’’ that highligts the idea in the fall/winter 18-19 collection; where also timeless attitude of black is underlined.

AW18 collection inspired by many different disciplines, but focused on individuality of the person. Everything that is meant to be told in this playground is adapted to the collection in a dynamic fiction.

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behind the brand

a circle of energy creates a world of communication in which related souls find each other

NU is a passionately creative fashion retail brand for women and men which is launched in 2002. Creating an international demand through an its iconic and diverge aesthetic, reached an operation as 16 stores in 6 different markets. All collections being created by a collaborative team of in-house designers, pattern makers and manufacturers.

NU women is not defined by age but by the visionary taste which is the main inspiration of the brand.Dreaming “to dress souls not bodies” led us to a privileged relation with our customers in years. They simply strive to find something new yet sophisticated uniting elegance with comfort and uniqueness. We deeply believe in the energy we created where these related souls find each other. Our mission is to serve our philosophy as being unpredictable whereas our vision allows us to set trends; never follow.

nu world

simple is hard.. but it is more harder to sustain this simplicity despite to all diversities you create

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